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Meetıng For Sustaınable Lıvıng In Istanbul

Genel Merkez 16.04.2016 (Date of Publication: 16.04.2016 ::) (Updated Time: 16.04.2016 14:37:29)
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 Green Sector 2016` seminar was held in Yildiz Technical University Congress and Culture Center on Davutpasa. President of Chamber of Environmental Engineers Environmental Problems Research Center (CESAM) Baran Bozoglu, was participating in the Green Sector seminar 2016`organized by the Yildiz Technical University Environment Club.


Bozoglu," environmental engineering students came from different universities. Dozens of students fill the halls even the despite in the country. It motivated me again, "he said.

Baran Bozoglu explain his emotion about instead of giving a plaque planted trees for the name of  him:

"Yildiz Technical University Environmental Club planted 10 saplings to address greenhouse gas emissions due to my air travel in 2015. They thought very good, I really appreciate it, more intelligent and useful than plaque.

In the seminar, It is discussed Media and Communication, Environmental Policies, Sustainable Cities, Consumer, Energy, Climate Change, Sustainability System Design, Green Economy, alternative environmental engineering issues. (More detailed information on CEE Turkish website)

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