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Chamber Of Envıronmental Engıneers Spoke In The Envıronmental Polıcıes Workshop

Genel Merkez 16.04.2016 (Date of Publication: 16.04.2016 ::) (Updated Time: 16.04.2016 14:27:04)
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 President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Environmental Problems Research Centre Baran Bozoglu and İlkim Yigit president of Ankara Branch passed their opinions and suggestions at Environmental Policy Workshop organized by the AK Party. 


Baran Bozoglu and İlkim Yigit, offered suggestions about the problems of the environment and environmental engineer. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz and MPs, chambers, associations, universities attended the Environmental Policy Workshop.  Protection of the environment, future generations of environmental value will be created for the transfer of the policies etc.  are discussed. (More information on Turkish Website )

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