Chamber Of Environmental Engineers
TMMOB Çevre Mühendisleri Odası
Çevre Mühendisleri Odası
Vision, Mission and Values

Our missions and visions have three main title depends on Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chamber of Environmental Engineers Regulation 6th article (Official Gazette Date: 14.05.2015, no:25727), these are “point of society”, “point of professions” and “point of colleague”.

a) Point of Society;

  1. CEE gives advices and study about Environmental Engineering profession to benefit of public of Turkey. Chamber of Environmental Engineers (CEE) also follow the process of industrialization, urbanization and protection of environment, and interested in their reporting, developing policy, protecting benefit of society, in required condition legal struggle are also purposes of Chamber of Environmental Engineers.
  2. In changing society and economics, CEE observe the place of environmental engineering profession. Also, CEE aim to arrangement, improvement, and enterprise of environmental engineering.
  3. CEE extend to environmental activities with respect to benefit of Turkey. For this purpose, communicate with national and international environmental community and intuitions.
  4. CEE aim the protection of rights of firstly member of CEE and then society at working places. Improvement of healthy working and living conditions are also included in CEE goals.
  5. CEE protect the natural resources and ecosystem within the scope of environmental engineering ethics.

b) Point of Profession;

  1. CEE aim to study together with Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, national or international professional organizations, state institutions and organizations, universities etc.
  2. CEE issue and opinion to environmental laws, codes, regulations, communique, directives, standards, agreements etc. Also, CEE study in process of preparation and application of them. For this purposes cooperate with related institutions and organizations.
  3. CEE control the environmental engineering services with respect to laws, codes, regulations, communique, directives, standards, agreements. CEE also prevent to dishonest trading between colleague.
  4. CEE associate oneself with universities and other educational institution to train environmental engineers to provide countries needs.
  5. CEE issue and opinion to improve resource-incentive environmental engineering.

c) Point of Colleague;

  1. CEE environmental and environmental engineering issues up for discussion, and bring them to public and professions attentions.
  2. CEE train their members with hold a seminar, congress, projects, symposium etc. to help to members to build on themselves after graduation.
  3. CEE publish and sell some journals, books, e-journey, internal arrangement to inform them collogues and public.
  4. CEE enroll, inspect and pursue the people and institutions with respect to laws. When it is needed punishment, reward, warning are also dues of CEE.
  5. CEE protect their members against the unjust and illegal cases. CEE take precaution and go to law for these cases. Also, CEE give services like expert, consultants.
  6. CEE communicate to agency and communities to improve their colleagues working conditions. Qualitative and quantities data are taken into account to develop and planning environmental engineering educations.
  7. CEE establish technical units such as branch offices, agencies, education centers, train experts, laboratory, research centers to reach purposes which is mentioned. Moreover, CEE create a community to congress and symposium, scientist consult anting. Lastly, CEE establish clubs, library, museum etc. to improve social and cultural relationships between the members.