Chamber Of Environmental Engineers
TMMOB Çevre Mühendisleri Odası
Çevre Mühendisleri Odası
History of Chamber

In the early of 1980, Environment engineers come out with a discipline of job and first participated the Chamber of Civil engineers. The purpose of environmental engineers tried to stick together and resolved the problems which faces the co-workers during 10 years under the roof of Chamber of Civil Engineers.

After these experiences, Association of Environmental Engineers (AEE) is established in 1986. AEE carried on activity for 4 years. After that environmental engineers had solid connection, AEE laid the foundation of Chamber of Environmental Engineers.

From the first day AEE mold the public opinion about the environmental issues. From 1980s to 1990s AEE accelerate. Wrong and inconstant application about environmental issue give extra accelerate to AEE. Under the root of Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, break the new ground to establish Chamber of Environmental Engineers (CEE) at 1991 in plenum of Chamber of Civil Engineers. Establisment of CEE is accepted unanimously at 23rd May 1992.